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Mesa AZ Short Sales

Looking for some real estate in Mesa that is the hot thing in real estate right now.  A short sale is simply a home that is for sale for less than what the owner owes on the home.  Due to current market conditions, many home owners are upside down with their mortgage, so if they need or want to sell their home, they have to get approval from their lender to sell the house for less then what they owe. Mesa Short SaleMost banks will let this happen, but will issue a 1099 or new loan amount to the homeowner for the difference once the sale is complete. There is a vast selection of short sales in Mesa. To view additional listings besides just the ones in the box below, follow this link to Short Sales in Mesa AZ.

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Mesa Arizona Short Sale Listings:


Does this hurt the homeowners credit?  Yes, but not as much as if they had let the home go into foreclosure.  Not to mention that fact that they are doing the responsible thing, considering they made a commitment to the bank when they purchased the home, and it is unfortunate that the market turned for the worst, but that doesn’t relieve the home owner from their obligation to pay back the lender the money they borrowed to purchase the home.

Mesa Short Sales are happening more and more, and there just isn’t a way to avoid it under some circumstances.  Are you a candidate for a short sale?  If so, use our to get in touch with a professional Realtor that can help you work with your bank and list your property on the MLS.